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On behalf of our students and staff, thank you for seeking information regarding The Arundel State School.

The Arundel State School is, first and foremost, a place where positive relationships are the cornerstone of almost all that happens. The relationships which exist between students and teachers are exceptionally conducive towards students being happy and comfortable in their school surroundings, ready and willing to learn, as individuals and together as classmates. The support which teachers and parents provide by working together has built a supportive framework within which our students have high expectations, are encouraged to learn and all achievement is valued. Student success is paramount and we acknowledge that every student learns at different rates and in different styles. They must be given multiple opportunities to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways.

Our staff recognises that education is dynamic and staff members are regularly involved in professional development and reflective practices to ensure that they have the skills to prepare our students as life-long learners in an ever changing world. We encourage students to take responsibility for their behaviours and develop skills of responsible citizenship, leadership and teamwork.

Some particularly positive aspects of our school are:

  • Quality school programs which extend from Prep to Year 6. The school has Prep classes which are supportive of each child, within the context of a strong focus on learning.
  • A very dedicated and supportive staff, which works very cohesively with each other and with parents.
  • A very positive and supportive parent body, led by the Parents and Citizens Association.
  • A Supportive School Environment with positive behaviour management strategies and processes.
  • A comprehensive social skills program to support the development of respect, manners, positive attitudes and effective interpersonal behaviours.
  • A robust offering of lunch time activities eg focussed play groups, chess, sports and music groups.
  • Class programs, developed collaboratively by year level teachers, encompassing the national curriculum, student needs and school/community contexts, implemented through a range of contemporary teaching strategies.
  • Information and communication technology is  integrated into class programs to add genuine value to the quality of learning and the currency of information available for students. iPads and Computers are located within classrooms with three computer laboratories providing whole classes learning opportunities.
  • Currently there are five Bring Your Own iPad classes operating in Year 6. Students bring their own iPads to school to support and extend their learning.
  • A high level of specialist support either on site or within easy access – Learning Support Teacher, Guidance Officers, Speech Therapist, Behaviour Management Specialists. The school has a Special Education Program that provides for students with disabilities.
  • A highly active and versatile Music Program including instrumental bands, strings and choirs. A Dance Excellence Program provides opportunities for more capable students.
  • A comprehensive Physical Education Program and sporting program. Interschool sporting opportunities are provided as well as learn-to-swim classes in summer months.
  • Collaborative decision making within the school community. Input from the community and staff in our decision making is valued.
  • Students and parents are encouraged to become fully engaged in the life of the school.

The school facilities encompass a multi purpose hall, tennis courts, a well grassed oval, shaded play areas and adventure playgrounds.

The school provides a safe, stimulating and meaningful learning environment for the children in our care. The total development of every child is our ultimate goal. We believe learning should be fun, but we also believe constant and persistent effort is required to gain this enjoyment and a sense of achievement. We value the support, encouragement and supervision parents can offer to enhance children’s learning.

The Arundel State School is a community of learners with a wide range of backgrounds and capabilities. We work together, laugh together and solve problems together. As a school community we will continue to build a cohesive school based on positive values and attitudes, enabling our students to soar to greater heights.​

Last reviewed 15 March 2021
Last updated 15 March 2021