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100 Eagles Principal Morning Tea


​100 Eagles Principal Morning Tea

The morning tea for the Eagles was held very successfully on Wednesday. The interesting thing about this group was that it contained children from all areas of our school, good representation from both boys and girls, and a strong representation of the cultural diversity at Arundel. There were kids from the SEP and some children on the autism spectrum so the “Eagle” recipients saw all groups were represented.

To be given an eagle you must exhibit many of the following things:

Be Respectful when I:

Answer “Yes” or “No” followed  by the person’s name.  “Yes, Mr Kelly”

Say “Thank you” when something is handed to you

Say “I beg your pardon” if you don’t hear someone

Say “May I please…” when asking for something

Say “Excuse me please” when you walk in front of someone.

Be Respectful in the classroom when I:

-          Follow directions the first time asked

-          Raise my hand to speak

-          Leave room tidy

-          Use manners at all times: using please and thank you

-          Respect others rights to learn

-          Value each other’s differences

-          Listen without answering back

What a pleasant surprise to be able to hold the ‘100 Eagles Principal Morning Tea’ so early since its induction.

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